2021 Winter GAPNA Newsletter Volume 40 Number 4

GAPNA’s Influence and Importance on the Care of Older Adults Highlighted

By Cynthia Gerstenlauer

The Historical Committee is proud of its contributions to the success of GAPNA’s 40th Annual Conference in San Diego. “GAPNA’s 40th Anniversary, Legacy and Leadership” presentation by members of the Historical Committee was well received.

It shared the evolution of the GNP, now A/G APRN, and GAPNA. The accomplishments and impact of GAPNA on advanced practice gerontological nursing and care of older adults are truly amazing.

The presentation ended with projections of GAPNA’s and care of the older adult’s future by members of GAPNA leadership. All were very confident of the necessity of GAPNA’s continued role and leadership.

Much of the care of older adults will be in their home, so join the House Calls SIG now! If you missed this presentation, access it on the GAPNA Online Library. The panels displayed during the conference depicting GAPNA’s amazing 40-year history were also of great interest to participants.

Chapters that contributed to GAPNA’s archives at the University of Virginia include Chicagoland, Great Lakes, Northern California, and Texas Gulf Coast. Thank you for preserving your history for future generations!

A big thank you to Deborah Dunn who has been our liaison to the Board of Directors the last 5 years. She has supported and served us well.

“Evolution of the Adult/Gerontological APRN and GAPNA: The Fourth Decade, 2011-2021,” will be published in the GAPNA section of Geriatric Nursing, November/December 2021 issue (Coming soon). We hope you read this informative article. It contains predictions on the importance of GAPNA’s continued role and leadership.

The Historical Committee does important work in documenting GAPNA’s history. We welcome new members. Please come join us! We have a Zoom meeting the third Tuesday of the month, 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET. The next meeting is November 16. Contact Cynthia Gerstenlauer if interested.

Cynthia Gerstenlauer, ANP-BC, GNCS-BC, CDE, CCD