To be eligible to recertify by continuing education, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. Hold a current Gerontological Specialist - Certification
  2. Have accrued a minimum of 1000 hours of gerontological practice during the previous five (5) year certification period. GNCC recognizes three (3) distinctive components of gerontological practice: service, education, and research. Practice may be direct or indirect and may include:

    1. acute or long-term care
    2. clinics/offices
    3. home care/community health
    4. surgery
    5. education
    6. research
    7. administration
    8. advocacy
    9. consulting
  3. Have acquired eighty (80) continuing education hours during the five (5) year certification period with a minimum of fifty (50) continuing education hours must be gerontological health care specific topics. The remaining thirty (30) continuing education hours can be a combination of general nursing, health care and academic.

Continuing Education Hours

Continuing education hours may start accruing from the date of initial certification through the expiration date. If the previous recertification application was submitted late, the continuing education hours may start accruing after the late submission date.

The number of hours submitted and the type of hours earned must meet GNCC requirements for Recertification by Continuing Education Hours.