Older adults benefit when we -

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  • Collaborate with them, their families, our professional colleagues, and other decision makers to influence their well-being.
  • Foster a community of expert providers.
  • Create, apply and communicate knowledge specific to gerontological care.
  • Facilitate holistic continuity of care.
  • Consistently perform to the fullest scope of our education.
  • Take responsibility for both our personal health and our professional growth.
  • Embrace diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Contribute to a culture of continuous improvement.

Strategic Goals and Priorities

To delight our members by supporting their personal and professional growth, we shall -

  • create and provide continuing education.
  • encourage deeper member engagement.
  • present dynamic, relevant conferences, Comm/SIGs, online and other educational experiences.
  • provide networking opportunities for kindred spirits.
  • offer quality, easily-accessible, evidence-based, relevant resources.

To increase the influence of APRNs caring for older adults, we shall -

  • conduct, support, research, and disseminate best practices for the care of older adults.
  • collaborate with others to influence decisions that affect the quality of care of older adults.
  • advocate for all APRNs to perform at the full scope of their practice.
  • increase membership and member retention.

To model organizational vibrancy, we shall -

  • provide the GAPNA Website: assure an attractive, user friendly, relevant, information-rich, ever-changing web portal/online presence.
  • grow membership and alliances that support our vision and mission and are financially sustainable.
  • model policy-driven governance and collaborative management.
  • identify and develop future leaders.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Continuing education.
  • Member engagement.
  • Strategic collaboration that advances full practice authority.
  • Improved online presence.
  • Increase diversity/inclusiveness.