The Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association Foundation (GAPNAF) was created for the purpose of supporting GAPNA members in education, research, and practice.

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The mission of the Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association Foundation, Inc. (GAPNAF) is twofold:

  1. to provide financial grants to support scholarly research and projects related to gerontological nursing, and
  2. to provide educational opportunities for registered nurses and advanced practice nurses working with older adults.


The goals of the GAPNAF are to promote leadership and scholarship in advanced nursing practice, education, and research to enhance the health care for older adults through:

  • Resource development: Develop revenue streams to sustain scholarly activities;
  • Scholarly activities: Provide financial support for research and educational opportunities; and,
  • Administrative activities: Enhance the organizational structure and function of the Foundation.

Board of Directors

  • Jennifer Serafin, Chairman
  • Nancy Wilens, Vice Chair
  • Elizabeth Galik, Secretary
  • M. Catherine Wollman,  Treasurer
  • Joanne Miller, Grant Manager
  • Valerie Sabol, Grant Development
  • Suzanne Ransehousen, Resource Development
  • MJ Henderson, Resource Development
  • Barbara Phillips, Board Member Emeritus

Founding Contributors to the GAPNA Foundation

  • Chicagoland Chapter of GAPNA
  • Ohio Chapter of GAPNA
  • Great Lakes Chapter of GAPNA
  • Gulf Coast Chapter of GAPNA
  • Lynn Chilton, DSN, GNP
  • Virginia Lee Cora, DSN, GNP
  • MJ Henderson, MSN, GNP
  • Charlotte Kelley, MSN, GNP
  • Barbara B Phillips, DNS, GNP
  • Mary Pat Rapp, PhD, GNP
  • Barbara Resnick, PhD, GNP
  • Sharon MaGuire, GNP