The Historical Committee gathers and preserves GAPNA documents and pictorial memorabilia from inception in 1981 to present. They display historical material during the Annual Conferences every 5 years and utilize background material to assist in marketing and branding the organization. They extend the GAPNA Historical Monograph and panels every 5 years.
  •    To summarize GAPNA annual reports, BOD minutes, conferences, the development and status of the GAPNA APRN Gerontology Certification exam for the purpose of  historical documentation, archiving, extending the historical panels and monographs.
  •    To continue to archive the saved GAPNA historical materials at the UVA, The Eleanor Crowder Bjoring Center        for Nursing Historical Inquiry
  •    To support the cost of archiving through an annual line item in the GAPNA budget for a $1000 donation, and to solicit donations to the Kathy Fletcher Archiving Fund from the GAPNA membership.
  •    To develop a process for GAPNA and Chapters to ready their records for archiving.
  •    Continue to spotlight committee members in the GAPNA newsletter.
Historical Monograph: The Historical Committee put together a 50-page, soft covered monograph of the history of GNP’s and advanced practice nursing, “Evolution of the Gerontological Nurse Practitioner and the Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association 1981—2011” 
**An “Addendum for the 35th Anniversary of the Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association 2011-2016” has been added**