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Great Lakes

Something special for this issue. Two entries from Great Lakes chapter members!

by Donna Hamill

A busy summer was capped off with what several members have entitled the “best GAPNA Annual Conference ever.” The details appear below, but first let’s review our exciting summer.

Five participants participated in the Alzheimer’s Walk at the Detroit Zoo. What a beautiful venue and activity to raise awareness and funds for this organization.

Kudos to Kristen Light! She used social media to help raise over half of our contribution. Kristen opened our eyes to the power of social media. This awareness will impact our future fundraising efforts in a positive way.

The third quarterly meeting was sponsored by Astra Zeneca and featured education regarding respiratory products. This meeting was attended by 22 members. One pearl of knowledge gained from this presentation was the lack of awareness by LTC staff about the correct use of inhalers.

We are starting a list of potential DNP projects from our group to present to local universities based on this awareness. We also celebrated our 35th year of meeting as a group. Tables were decorated with festive treats for our members to take home and enjoy.

Our members were pleased to support GAPNA Gives Back for the Annual Conference by bringing socks to our Quarterly Education and Business meeting. Our efforts, along with those of our sister chapters, will benefit Fifty Forward in Nashville, TN.

Our Conference Planning Committee developed the 10th Annual GAPNA-GLC Conference, November 3-4, 2017. Amy Berman from the Hartford Foundation was the keynote speaker. The Friday night members-only event kicked off the conference with a presentation by Cindy Gerstenlauer on travel health for the older adult.

We also celebrated Cindy Gerstenlauer’s Excellence in Leadership Award. Congratulations to Cindy who continues to inspire us and to be exemplar leaders!

We also celebrated second place in the Chapter Excellence Award. Congratulations to our friends and award winners in Georgia and thank you for a lovely reception at GAPNA’s Annual Conference.

Nina Ganesh-Nandish, our President-Elect, was kind enough to take my place at the Annual Conference. Thank you, Nina, for stepping in and for your recap below!

Donna Hamill, DNP
Chapter President

A Fun-Filled and Educational Annual Conference

by Nina Ganesh-Nandish

What an amazing GAPNA Annual Conference in Nashville, TN.

This was the first time attending the Annual Conference for me, and for many others, since this was the highest attended Annual Conference in GAPNA history.

The Great Lakes Chapter was a part of making that a success, welcoming new attendees at a lovely breakfast, with gifts from each region. Our gift was a nod to Michigan as we provided blue mittens with our chapter logo and a flyer noting all of the great success we have had in the past year along with the upcoming events planned for our members.

The mittens were well received and represented our region well. New attendees from GLC-GAPNA also received goody bags stocked filled with useful travel items and snacks while attending the conference. Everyone enjoyed the colorful themed cowboy hats provided by the chapter.

A special thank you to Michelle Moccia, our new GAPNA President, for such a fun novelty. Everyone wanted to be a part of the fun from the leadership members to the conference attendees.

We are off to a great new start and look forward to moving our chapter into the next successful year. We were inspired by many of the success stories at the Awards Luncheon which was a great wrap-up of an amazing, fun-filled GAPNA Annual Conference where plenty of friendships were made.

We are so proud of our own Cindy Gerstenlauer, recipient of the Excellence in Leadership Award. She took me under her wing and helped me navigate the leadership portions of the conference, since this is my first time attending a national conference and being your president-elect.

Cindy demonstrates in every action her support to GLC-GAPNA and GAPNA and her commitment to preparing leaders for tomorrow. I, along with Donna Hamill our chapter president, am thankful for Cindy’s ongoing guidance, support, and encouragement.

I also am thrilled to have gotten to know better the many attendees from our region and look forward to seeing everyone at GAPNA’s Annual Conference in Washington, DC, next year!

Nina Ganesh-Nandish, AGPC, NP
Chapter President Elect