Award Application Period

GAPNA Foundation offers several grants to assist faculty, practitioners and students with advancing scholarship and care for older adults. Applications are due May 15, 2024, for the following grants to be awarded at the GAPNA Annual Meeting.

Research/Project Grant Awards Available:

  • (NEW) GAPNA Foundation Research Grant ($5,000)
    Research focused on improving the quality of care, health or well-being of older adults
  • GAPNA Foundation Research Grant ($2,000)
    Research focused on improving the quality of care, health or well-being of older adults
  • (NEW) GAPNA Foundation Barbara Phillips Historical Research Grant ($2,000)
    The Barbara Phillips Historical Research grant honors the multiple contributions of Dr Barbara Phillips and her commitment to GAPNA and historical research. This grant supports research or a project related to the history of gerontological nursing care, creative interventions for older adults or Gerontological Nursing Pioneers
  • GAPNA Foundation Virginia Lee Cora Research/Project Grant ($2,000)
    Research or project focused on APRN practice with older adults and their families (can be non-traditional families)
  • GAPNA Foundation Project Grant ($2,000) (2 awards)
    Quality Improvement project focused on care of older adults
  • Barbara Resnick Health Promotion Grant ($2,000)
    Research or project focused on health promotion of older adults

Eligibility Requirements

  • Awardees must be GAPNA members.
  • You may submit an application as a non-member. If your proposal is selected for funding, you must join GAPNA within 30 days of notification of application acceptance.

Grant Requirements

  • Grant funds must be used strictly for expenses related to the proposed research/project. Indirect or tuition expenses are not permitted.
  • Mid-year and final progress reports are required.

Proposal Requirements

The proposal must be relevant to advanced practice nursing care of older adults and:

  • Evidence-based: examines and/or provides support for decision making in clinical practice, and
  • Outcomes-based: designed to measure and improve health outcomes for older adults.

Review Criteria

The reviewers will evaluate the application using the following criteria:

  • Overall impact
  • Significance/rationale
  • Investigator potential for success
  • Innovation
  • Approach/Methodology (see proposal below)
  • Environment

Application Checklist

  • CV, resume or NIH Biosketch
  • Brief bio – two to three sentences and a headshot photo to be used to disseminate grant results. Submission of this material implies permission to use it for publicity purposes.
  • Proposal – 750 words maximum (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, one-inch margins), including the Background, Purpose, Specific Aims, Methods, and Evaluation/Analyses Plan (References and Appendixes (include data collection tools if applicable) not included in word count)
  • Budget and brief justifications-not to exceed 1 page
    • Allowable expenses are personnel, typing costs directly related to study, research assistant salary, consultants (limited to $50 per hour), supplies, equipment (excluding personal digital devices), computer software, travel expenses for data collection or GAPNA conference attendance ($300 limit), other (e.g. printing, translators, study participant incentives)

2024 GAPNA Foundation applications are closed.