Award Amount
Award Application Period

The Health Affairs Scholarship provides up to $1,500.00 to attend the AANP Health Policy Conference. Applications will be blinded for review and scored by the Health Affairs Scholarship Sub-Committee.

The following criteria will be used in selecting the GAPNA Heath Affairs Scholarship recipient:

  • GAPNA membership for a minimum of two years; student membership applies.
  • Demonstrated interest in health affairs and policy legislation but cannot have previously attended the AANP Health Policy Conference.

Terms of Acceptance of the GAPNA Heath Affairs Scholarship:

  • The recipient agrees to commit to participate actively on the GAPNA Health Affairs Committee for the next two years and to participate in the planning of the Health Affairs Committee activities at the annual GAPNA conference.
  • The recipient will submit an article on the AANP Health Policy Conference for the next issue of the GAPNA newsletter.
  • The recipient should participate in conference activities related to Health Affairs.

NOW is the time to apply. Follow in the footsteps of former recipients who are quoted as saying:

“Exploring policy and legislative issues impacts not only the healthcare profession but, more so, the patients that we serve. This policy work is in the right steps towards impacting positive changes in healthcare.”
~Ron Ordona, DNP, FNP-BC, GS-C (2019-2020 Recipient)

"Attending the annual 2017 AANP Health Policy Conference helped me understand how Nurse Practitioners from different states support the uniform legislation to promote consistency in the NP practice..."
~Izabela Kazana, DNP, AGPCNP-BC (2016-2017 Recipient)

"I believe that NPs need a continuing campaign to educate legislators and other providers as well as the general public on what Nurse Practitioners do and how we fill gaps in healthcare delivery; one that highlights our education, as well as contributions to research, population wellness and quality of life for the individuals under our care..."
~Deborah Wolff-Baker MSN, ACHPN, FNP-BC (2015-2016 Recipient)

"Attending the AANP Health Policy Conference was really inspirational. It was thrilling to learn from the people who are influencing policy makers and advocating for the interests of NPs and their patients.  I really came to understand that each one of us has the opportunity and obligation to be part of this grassroots advocacy. Thank you so much for this privilege!"
~Debi Onken (2013-2014 Recipient)

“I cannot believe how much I learned from this conference. I came away from the Summit with a renewed sense of responsibility to participate in health care policy.”
~Meghan Routt (2011-2012 Recipient)

“Attending the ACNP Summit helped me understand the importance of APNs speaking with a collective voice in order to champion change and ensure quality healthcare for our elders.”
~Patty Kang (2009-2010 Recipient)

What will your quote be after you attend?