Award Application Period

The Chapter Excellence Award honors a chapter that best promotes the goals of the Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association (GAPNA) through its member relationships, professional activities, and promotion of advanced practice gerontological nursing throughout the local, regional, and/or state during the past year.

Reviewers will score activities in the following categories:

  • Overall Chapter Organization, Structure and relationship to National Organization.
  • Evidence of chapter member growth activities.
  • Evidence of chapter member retention activities.
  • Involvement in community service relative to older adults.
  • Involvement in legislative activities relative to advanced practice nursing and older adults.
  • Involvement in research relative to older adults.
  • Evidence of education relative to advanced practice nursing and older adults.
  • Examples of leadership activities promoting quality health care of older adults.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The chapter must be officially chartered by the GAPNA Board of Directors.
  • The chapter must be in compliance with all chapter obligations and in good standing with the GAPNA National Office.
  • Please note: Only ONE application per chapter will be accepted and must be submitted by the Chapter President or designee via the online form located on the GAPNA Website and received by the National Office by the given deadline.
  • Any chapter nominations forms submitted to the National Office by a chapter member will be returned to the chapter President.

Selection Process

  • The National Office will email a “Call for Chapter Excellence Award Nominations” each year.
  • The National Office will process all completed applications that are received by the stated deadline.
  • Members of the GAPNA Awards Committee will review all applications, and a total score for each chapter submission will be determined by averaging all scores.
  • Members of the GAPNA Awards Committee will select one chapter for endorsement by the GAPNA Board of Directors.
  • The National Office will notify the recipient chapter’s President of the Committee’s selection via email.
  • The President of the recipient chapter will be asked to confirm his or her acceptance in writing and be present for presentation of the award at the annual award’s celebration at the conference.
  • The National Office will notify the applicants who were not selected.
  • The National Office will include a news item announcing the Established Chapter Excellence Award recipient in the GAPNA Newsletter.

Applications are accepted March 1 through June 1 every year.

Apply for the Chapter Excellence Award