GraphicIn the spring, GAPNA leaders met face to face for a 2-day Strategic Planning session to develop a framework to guide the organization for the next 5 years. During these planning sessions, GAPNA’s approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion was discussed at length and along with the steps the organization needed to take to best serve all members.

Dr. Natalie Baker will introduce the updated Strategic Planning at the annual Membership Meeting hosted at the GAPNA Annual Conference. In preparation for this meeting, the GAPNA Board of Directors is releasing a public diversity, equity, and inclusion statement for a public comment period.  

This public comment period will be open from July 25 – August 8th. After this period closes, the GAPNA Board will review all comments to ensure this public statement reflects all members’ voices and informs how decisions will be made.   

Please take a moment to review and share your thoughts and ideas to best serve the organization. 


GAPNA's longtime approach to diversity is about embracing all backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints while promoting equity, inclusion, and accessibility. We are fully committed to creating a welcoming environment for everyone. We will continue to strengthen and diversify our organization's culture to ensure these values are woven into the fabric of our mission and the experiences we provide for our nurses, patients, and their families.

By maintaining a caring and inclusive environment for all of our members, we will continue to be the trusted leaders in the expert care of older adults. GAPNA recognizes longstanding disparities in the older adult population and advocates for the removal of barriers for improved care in all practice settings.

Please take a moment to review and share your thoughts and ideas to best serve the organization.

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